In Valfonta, we are specialists in the manufacture of custom valves

Does your installation require custom valves and customized features? Do you require custom valves made with specific materials? From Valfonta we have the solution.

The needs of your company may be different from the usual in terms of flows to be controlled, reachability, maximum and minimum, pressure recovery, noise, or cavitation. Every company is different, and every process has its challenges. 

Custom valves: when standard proposals do not work

Valves are manufactured to specific standards that allow them to be used in a wide range of applications. Custom valves are a solution when standard valves are not suitable for performing specialized tasks. At Valfonta, we offer you a completely customized solution for your operational, design or engineering needs: we will create your valves completely to measure

It is very likely that in our wide catalogue of products you will find the valve suitable for your needs and specifications, but we also want to let you know that we are dedicated to creating customized products.  We face the most difficult problems to offer you reliable solutions anywhere, anytime, because there are many situations in the industry that standard products cannot solve.

custom valves

50 years manufacturing custom valves

custom valves

Valves are Valfonta’s speciality. Throughout our 50 years of experience, we have specialized and deepened in this sector. That’s what it’s all about we know the needs and issues that may arise in industrial processes and how to solve them, so we offer you the full assistance of a team of specialists trained in engineering to face the challenges faced by the different types of installations. 

Our history and development make us a bespoke valve supplier that can provide the perfect combination of experience, design, research knowledge and global manufacturing capability. All this always respecting the standards dictated by the European Directive on Pressure Equipment PED 2014/68/EU and widely tested in our laboratories, test benches and in their respective fields of application.

How do we manufacture custom valves in Valfonta?

At Valfonta, we work with our clients to develop and deliver solutions to their particular needs. We are prepared to design and build the valve to measure according to your specific requirements and need and carefully verify what the customer requires, to ensure that you acquire the correct and duly accredited product.

To begin the process, our engineers will discuss with you the challenges of your installation that need to be solved and offer you design options, making sure that the requirements raised are accurate and completely clear for the required solution.

The custom valve manufacturing process

Every step of the process is meant to meet your bespoke valve requires efficiently and effectively. The good track record of Valfonta custom valves has been demonstrated many times. In the last half century, we have produced hundreds of them to which we have dedicated talent, work and applied technology in the areas of cavitation, materials, hydrodynamics, thermodynamics, acoustics, simulation, and analysis of flows, life cycle, extreme temperatures and vibrations.

According to the requirements of your processes and industry, we can handle variables, such as:

  • Adapting to an existing piping configuration

  • Tracking with steam or oil

  • Wide range of connections, such as butt welded ends with flanges or with special accessories

  • Purge or wash connection

  • Integrated steam conditioning, reduction and cooling valve

  • Extreme temperatures beyond the catalogue offerTank assembly

  • Special and intermediate pressure classes

custom valves

Valfonta: much more than custom valves

Our production facilities are in Badalona, and we have a network of suppliers and distributors that allow us to reach the whole country with our proposals and solutions. This represents a highly appreciated value for any company that needs valves and solutions for their equipment. The handling and management of fluids, whether vapours, liquids or gaseous, are guaranteed, and you can place your trust in our hands and in the different types of valves we manufacture: 

custom valves

We pursue excellence in quality through continuous improvement focused on engineering, quality, environment, health, and safety. We do our best to ensure a beneficial business relationship with our customers, with whom we work on developing sound technical specifications that maximize performance and minimize costs.

For more information on custom valves or to discuss a specific design, you can contact us by calling 93 3720888 or write to us at, and we will contact you as quickly as possible.