Characteristics, functions and applications of the C1 model

As specialists in the manufacture and marketing of automatic control valves, Valfonta has a wide range of established products which offer high quality to our customers.

With more than 30 years experience, we have become market leaders by providing high quality products and customer service, ensuring we focus on delivering what is required.

Therefore, let us present our Valfonta automatic control valves, particularly the C1 model, whose mulifunctionality makes it an essential element in the fluid handling of your industrial process and an extremely interesting addition in terms of its quality-price ratio.

What is an automatic control valve and how does it work?

válvulas automáticas de control

Automatic control valves are devices which are part of industrail complexes that regulate the pressure of pipelines in various production applications.

These valves are hydraulically actuated, so they work in a very simple and effective way, optimizing each phase of the flow control.

For this reason, control valves with pneumatic actuator are a key element in any manufacturing design.

Moreover, their application is quite versatile and can be useful for different industrial sectors that require efficient handling of clean and residual fluids to protect the integrity and safety of the product and the workers involved.

In addition, automatic control valves have a reduced design that allows them to perform all their functions with minimal wear. For this reason, during the flow opening and closing procedures, these devices maintain a constant pressure that considerably reduces energy and fluid losses. Thus, whether functioning as a unidirectional or bidrectional flow control valve, this product ensures the  safety of your industrail complex operations.

What does our C1 model automatic control valve offer?

As one of the leading companies in the automatic control valve sector, we at Valfonta have identified which elements are really essential in industrial design.  Based on that, we have devised and manufactured a wide range of products that will meet your every need, depending on the type of fluid or material you wish to use. However, we must put the focus on the versatility provided by our C1 model automatic control valve, which is prperly designed and conceived to be efficient in different types of environments.

Consequently, our C1 model has the usual features attributed to this range of products, but, in addition, it allows the inclusion of a pneumatic actuator that contributes to a better passage of fluids and considerably increases the efficiency of the automatic control valve.
Likewise, its robust composition allows it to withstand high pressure and temperature, so that its operation does not end up being too forced by exogenous conditions. Its solid coating also allows different options in the control of fluids: from the most conventional, such as water, to corrosive elements that may compromise the short-term integrity of the valve. Valfonta’s C1 model is capable of being fully employed in this type of situation.

What other aspects should you consider regarding automatic control valves?

In addition to the properties that are inherent to the operation of these mechanisms, an automatic control valve must be duly certified under the strictest quality standards.

In this context ISO 9001:2000 is the standard that regulates handling systems according to the construction and design of the automatic control valve, both in terms of capacity and size.

Therefore, at Valfonta we only offer products that meet these and other parameters that ensure proper function, so our customers feel properly supported.

válvulas automáticas de control

On the other hand, fluid control depends on several factors, but as far as automatic control valves are concerned, it is crucial that the entire assembly process of the industrial complex is fully complied with so that there are no failures that affect the manufacturing process. In this regard, the operation of control valves are excellent indicators, since their unusual operation can lead to identifying design errors in machinery.

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