What is the main function of safety valves?

The essential function of safety valves in modern heating systems is to ensure safety and operational efficiency. These valves act as a preventive mechanism, automatically releasing excessive pressure generated by temperature increases to avoid risks such as leaks of hot water at high-pressure or related accidents.

Their design is intended to provide a reliable and effective solution to overpressure situations, thus ensuring the protection of both installations and individuals. In our section dedicated to safety valves, you will find options with advanced features tailored to various needs and technical specifications.

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Safety valves are essential in maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of heating systems, efficiently controlling pressure within the system to prevent overheating and subsequent overpressure.

This is crucial not only to prevent material damage, but also to ensure the safety of those around the system.

What safety valves are available in our catalog?

The ALPER model safety valve from VALFONTA is characterized by its instantaneous full opening, ensuring an effective response to overpressures in systems such as tanks, boilers, or pipelines. Without requiring auxiliary power, it automatically discharges excess fluid and closes after pressure normalization.

It stands out for its robust construction in high-quality materials, such as stainless steel AISI-316L, adapting to a wide range of fluids. Its design facilitates maintenance and ensures reliable performance in extreme conditions, making it ideal for critical industrial applications.

This model of safety valve is characterized by its capability of instantaneous full opening, making it ideal for critical applications where rapid pressure release is essential. With PED 97/23/CE certification, this valve is capable of handling overpressures in a wide variety of environments, including tanks, boilers, and pipelines, without the need for auxiliary power.

Its design includes a threaded hole to facilitate drainage and condensate evacuation, and it is offered in materials such as bronze and stainless steel, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance. Adaptable to liquids, compressed air, neutral gases, and steam, the ALPER valve is a versatile and safe solution for protection against overpressures.

The ALPER atmospheric valves are designed for precise regulation in both vacuum and pressure applications, suitable for a wide range of fluids, including liquids, compressed air, neutral gases, and steam.

With features such as dual regulation and protection against impurities thanks to its stainless-steel mesh, these valves ensure effective and safe operation. Available in materials such as bronze and stainless steel AISI-316L, they adapt to various industrial needs, offering reliable solutions for controlling the atmosphere in sealed containers.

The JAS model safety valve from VALFONTA stands out for its instant full opening, ideal for handling overpressures in systems such as tanks, boilers, or pipelines. Made of brass with Viton closure, it offers strength and durability.

Suitable for liquids, compressed air, neutral gases, and steam, it operates up to 180°C and maximum pressure PN16. Available in various connections and sizes, it includes versions with lever and hermetic options, with stainless-steel spring and NPT connection, adapting to various industrial applications.

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