What is a steam and liquid ejector?

A steam and liquid ejector plays a crucial role in numerous industrial processes, particularly when it is necessary to remove air, gases, or vapours from condensers and equipment operating under vacuum.

Unlike conventional vacuum pumps, ejectors are known for their simplicity and reliability, as they lack moving parts such as valves, pistons, or rotors, making them less prone to mechanical failures and maintenance.

The operating principle of an ejector is based on the transfer of energy through the collision of a high-speed fluid jet with another fluid, whether in motion or at rest

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This process results in an initially rapid mixture that gradually decreases in speed, allowing the desired pressure to be reached efficiently and in a controlled manner.

Ejectors are valued for their robustness and their ability to adapt to a wide variety of working conditions, making them a versatile and reliable option in a wide range of industrial applications.

Their contribution to efficiency and safety in industrial processes is indisputable, making them essential in the optimization of operations and the pursuit of more sustainable practices in the industry.

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In this section of the website, you will find different models of ejectors, of which we will highlight the strong points or some of their applications:

This type of ejector is ideal for industrial applications that require the extraction of gases or vapors using water as the driving medium. Its simple yet effective design makes it versatile for a wide range of industrial environments, providing an efficient and reliable solution for vapor extraction in various processes.

Designed for processes where steam acts as the driving fluid, this ejector excels in high temperature and pressure environments. It is highly efficient for the extraction of air and other gases, making it a robust and reliable option for demanding industrial applications.

This ejector is ideal for processes that require more efficient handling of heat and energy. The use of superheated steam makes it particularly suitable for applications with high energy demands, providing optimized performance in terms of energy efficiency and thermal management.

With its ability to handle different types of fluids, this ejector is extremely versatile. It is perfect for applications that require specific specifications regarding the type of fluid to be handled or extracted, offering flexibility and adaptability in various industrial contexts.

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