Design and manufacture of valves for all types of fluid systems

At Valfonta, we have been manufacturing and selling pressure relief and pressure reducing valves for more than fifty years. Our extensive experience means we can guarantee the quality of our products and offer optimal solutions for all types of fluids, whether vapours, liquids or gases. We have always believed that innovation and development should inform our growth and our way of working.

This has enabled us to offer an extensive catalogue of valves, as well as to standardise our production. We also offer our clients a very comprehensive service of special made-to-measure manufacturing. We are located in the province of Barcelona, in the city of Badalona, and we have a network of suppliers that allows us to execute every order quickly, flexibly and simply.

Valfonta, a company with a family tradition and extensive experience

VALFONTA was founded in the city of Barcelona in 1991, as a continuation of the company “Fonta valves”, patented in 1962. After all these years, we continue to carry forward the family tradition: growing as a company, manufacturing our products on site, striving to increase the degree of specialisation of our valves day by day and exporting throughout the continent.

Over time, we have added new types of valves to our catalogue, such as excess pressure or pressure relief valves, as well as control valves with pneumatic actuators. If you want to take a look at our catalogues, just click on the button below.

Our strengths

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Thanks to our centralised design and manufacturing, we do not depend on third parties and this is reflected in our very favourable delivery times

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We offer the option of custom-made designs for all our clients, depending on their needs.

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All our valves have been manufactured according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU

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