Operation, installation and commissioning of a water pressure reducing valve

how to install a pressure reducing valve

To explain how to install a pressure reducing valve, we will take as an example the VALFONTA VD model, designed to keep the outlet pressure constant by means of the regulating piston.

It works under the principle of direct action; Upstream pressure reaches the valve and presses the bushing upward, actuating the joint. Once the valve is closed, the adjusting screw must be turned clockwise. This causes the spring to move, which acts on the bushing and the gaskets, opening the valve until the necessary pressure is achieved. Any variation in inlet pressure will be absorbed by the valve by compensating the two parts of the bushing, joined by means of a compensating hole.

Installing a pressure reducing valve like this

It is vitally important to scrupulously clean the pipeline before installing the valve, to prevent any small element or impurity from altering its correct operation.

It is also highly recommended to install a filter at the valve inlet for protection. This should be installed in a horizontal pipe; the direction of flow must correspond to the direction shown by the arrow on the valve body.

how to install a pressure reducing valve

Parts to support the valve should be placed as close to it as possible, but never attached to the valve or actuator, in order to eliminate unnecessary stress.

How to install a pressure reducing valve: Commissioning

The first step for a correct start-up is to open the shut-off valves very slowly, in order to avoid any water hammer during the process. Then, the regulation screw must be turned until the required pressure is reached.

If the spring is increased, the outlet pressure is increased; it must be turned clockwise to increase it and counterclockwise to decrease it.

This type of pressure reducing valve has a long list of applications: chemical laboratory facilities, water distribution systems, wastewater installation, industrial, compressed air, sprinkler systems, fuel oil …

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