What is and what is the function of a control valve?

A control valve plays a fundamental role in regulating the flow of a fluid, as it functions as a variable area device that adjusts the pressure drop according to the signal provided by a controller.

Thanks to its versatility, this type of valve allows for the regulation not only of flow but also of other critical parameters such as pressure, temperature, and fluid level.

To ensure optimal performance, control valves must meet a series of essential characteristics, such as the ability to withstand the temperature and pressure conditions of the fluid without significant losses, having an appropriate size to handle the desired flow, and resisting erosion and corrosion caused by the controlled fluid.

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Control valves you will find in this section of our website

In our website section, we offer a wide variety of pressure reducing and relief valves, in addition to the C1 control valve. This type of valve is specifically designed to regulate liquid, gas, and vapor fluids, in compliance with the European Pressure Equipment Directive.

The C1 model can withstand a maximum pressure of 40 barg and is distinguished by the shape of its body, which ensures optimal flow regulation. Its modular design and the variety of available interior options provide exceptional flexibility to adapt to different needs and requirements.

The standard configuration of this valve includes a globe body, a top entry, a seat, two ways, a direct or reverse action system, and a multi-spring actuator. This combination of components ensures reliable and precise performance in various applications.

Advantages of the C1 control valve

The ability to accurately adjust the fluid flow, combined with a quick response to controller signals, allows for maintaining desired parameters at optimal levels, which is crucial in industrial processes and critical applications.

Thanks to its versatile design and the wide range of available internals, this valve can adapt to a variety of applications, from high-pressure applications to low-temperature processes.

The combination of corrosion-resistant materials and robust construction ensures that the C1 control valve has a long lifespan and requires minimal maintenance.

It complies with European regulations and standards related to pressure equipment, ensuring safety and compliance with current regulations.

In summary, control valves play an essential role in regulating industrial processes and critical applications, and the C1 model we offer in our web section is a reliable and versatile option to meet a wide range of fluid control needs.

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