At Valfonta, we are specialists in all types of industrial pressure reducing valves and have many years of experience behind us. Thanks to this, we can guarantee the quality of our products, while at the same time offering an optimal solution for all types of fluids, whether they are vapours, liquids, or gases.

In addition to affirming our commitment to innovation and development as something that should mark our growth, we offer you a long list of pressure reducing and pressure relief valves, control valves, safety valves, injectors and industrial ejectors.

What is the purpose of a high, medium or low pressure regulating valve?

Regulating valves have different pressures depending on the component passing through them. However, all current pressure regulating valves have been developed with the important purpose of reducing the outlet pressure of the system, irrespective of variations in inlet pressure or required demand.

Apart from the pressure measurement that has been granted (high, medium, or low), there are two types of pressure regulating valves existing: those that contain an orifice for tank connection (3-way) and those that do not contain such a connection (2-way).

The 3-way pressure regulating valves lower the pressure as soon as it rises. In this way, we carry out a thorough research process for each system, in addition to assessing the needs or requests made in advance by each of our customers. All this helps us find the right solution, to find the right valve and to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

tipos de válvulas reductoras de presión

Types of pressure regulating valves in our company 

The most important pressure regulating valves in our company are:

  • Pressure regulating valve (model M2): used to control gases (with temperatures between -10 and +80º C), liquids and steam.

  • Piston pressure regulating valve (model PRV 20): it is balanced by a piston that has been created to provide a much more constant pressure.

  • Self-acting pressure regulating valves (model M1): used to control steam, but also used for compressed air, certain liquids and non-hazardous gases.

  • Self-acting pressure regulating valves: designed to handle low outlet pressure gases, liquids and certain gases.

  • Direct acting pressure regulating valves: can be installed in any position. Here you will find different models with bellows, self-acting or self-compensating valves.

Keys to identifying a pressure reducing valve and making the right choice 

To determine which pressure reducing valve we need, it is vital to know what its main function will be, as it will have certain characteristics depending on one or the other.

On the other hand, it is essential to know what type of element will pass through the piping (vapour, liquid, or gas). It is also necessary to know how the valve is operated (manual or automatic) to have more or less control over it.

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