Our pressure reducing valve model PRV30

Water pressure reducing valve ¾

Water pressure reducing valves ¾ PRV30 protect water installations against excessive pressure from the supply network. They are typically used for industrial and commercial applications within the scope of their specification, as well as in home systems and environments. In this case, we are dealing with a self-compensating piston direct acting pressure reducing valve, specially designed to achieve a stable outlet pressure, even if it has oscillations.

How exactly does this pressure reducing valve work ¾?

The inlet pressure reaches the valve and it closes due to the difference in sections. When the spring is compressed, through the regulation screw, the shaft-closure assembly opens the valve and allows regulation.

If a shut-off valve at the outlet closes and there is no consumption, the PRV30 reducer will detect the changes and will maintain the outlet pressure according to the set value. On the other hand, the valve closes when the outlet pressure exceeds the regulation value.

Like most of the valves we have designed, it is very easy to install, does not require major maintenance tasks and can be accessed without dismantling the consumption line; on the other hand, it can be installed in multiple positions. It should be noted that this particular model offers great regulation reliability

Water pressure reducing valve ¾

It has a maximum admissible pressure of 25 bar and a pressure range that ranges from 0.5 to 12 bar; its body is made of AISI 316 stainless steel and a long list of features can be added on request:

  • Reduced Kv to: 0,2 | 0,4 | 0,6 | 1 m3/h 

  • Body and cover in Bronze or Super Duplex 

  • Welded connection BW or SW.  

  • Clamp connection. 

  • Valve completely degreased for oxygen service

  • Soft seals in EPDM, PEEK, Viton, Aflas…

Do you want to receive technical advice or ask us a question about pressure reducing valves ¾?

Each system is different and it is advisable to seek the advice of qualified professionals when it comes time to choose your pressure reducing valve ¾.

In our company you will meet highly qualified technicians who will study your system and offer you the valve that best meets your needs, as they have deep knowledge and a great vocation for service.

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