Pressure reducing valves, one of our major specialties

At Valfonta, we are proud to be a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of a variety of pressure reducing valves. Our expertise has been built and honed over more than half a century of industry experience.

We have achieved this unique expertise through an unwavering commitment to research and development, which has allowed us to remain at the forefront of implementing the most advanced materials and component innovation.

Our dedication to and dedication to excellence is not only through constant innovation. It is also reflected in the meticulous craftsmanship of our technical experts and our unwavering commitment to customer service.

We believe that every valve we produce is not simply a product, but an efficient and durable solution to our customers’ pressure control needs.

This comprehensive approach has allowed us to position ourselves as a national benchmark in the valve industry. However, we do not stop there.

Throughout this time, we have experienced exponential growth, increasing our presence and influence beyond the national market. We remain true to our original mission, while evolving and growing to meet the challenges of the future.

At Valfonta, we don’t just manufacture valves; we forge trusted pressure control solutions with the clear objective of driving our industry forward. In our catalogue we have different models of pressure reducing valves:

We always study each installation or system carefully, as well as the requests and requirements of each customer, until we find the optimal solution and the most suitable valve.

The function of the pressure reducing valve is very clear; it must reduce the outlet pressure of the system, independently of the variations of the inlet pressure or the demand in the line.

Some of our most popular models:

We can also design customized pressure reducing valves

Thanks to the experience acquired and our exceptional team of professionals, apart from having an extensive catalog of pressure reducing valves, we are able to design and manufacture completely customized valves according to the requirements of each system; and not only pressure reducing valves, we also manufacture all types of pressure relief valves and control valves.

Just tell us in detail what you need and we will make it for you, it’s as simple as that!

Some of our pressure relief valves: 

Pressure reducing valves: common symbology of these components

In the following, we will name the most common symbols that identify this type of valves:

Pressure-reducing valves symbology

>> This is the common hydraulic symbol identifying a pressure reducing valve.

It’s a general symbol.

Pressure-reducing valves symbology

>> Hydraulic symbol of a one-way pressure reducing valve.

Pressure-reducing valves symbology

>> Symbol of a differential pressure reducing valve between pressures 1 and 2.

Pressure-reducing valves symbology

>> This is the general symbol for a relief valve.

Pressure-reducing valves symbology

>> Symbol of a relief valve with discharge regulation.

Pressure-reducing valves symbology

>> Hydraulic symbol of a sequence valve with regulation.

Pressure-reducing valves symbology

>> Hydraulic symbol of a balanced pressure reducing valve.

This is the general and basic symbology of pressure reducing valves and their different variants and models. In the world of process engineering, the use of standardized symbology is crucial for effective communication and clear understanding of piping systems and the processes being implemented. Pressure reducing valves, which play a crucial role in regulating and controlling pressure in a system, are no exception to this.

Generally, in process flow diagrams, a valve is represented by a small circle. However, a pressure reducing valve has specific symbology to differentiate it from other valves. It is represented by a circle with an arrow inside pointing downward, symbolizing pressure reduction. Sometimes, the circle may be beveled at an angle, also indicating pressure decrease.

instalacion valvula reductora de presion - Valfonta

In some cases, you may also see a pressure reducing valve represented with the letters “PRV” (Pressure Reducing Valve), placed inside or near the circle. This alphanumeric code provides greater clarity to the specific function of the valve.

It’s important to note that symbology may vary slightly depending on the specific standards being used, such as ISO, ANSI, or DIN. However, the basic concepts are usually similar and are based on the idea of providing a clear and concise visual representation of the valve’s function.

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