This hydraulic pressure relief valve will help us to control the upstream pressure

In Valfonta we have a wide range of valves of all types: pressure relief valves, control valves, hydraulic pressure control valves… covering a wide range of possible applications.

In this post, we want to talk more specifically about the hydraulic pressure relief valve model S3, a piece that serves to correctly maintain the upstream set pressure by adjusting the set pressure. If the upstream pressure exceeds the set pressure, the valve will gradually open to that pressure increase.

Valfonta Model S3 Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve Features

Valfonta’s Model S3 hydraulic pressure relief valve represents an effective and reliable solution for regulating and maintaining safe pressures in hydraulic systems. Constructed with high-quality materials such as bronze, steel, carbon and stainless steel, the S3 valve is able to withstand various operating conditions, ensuring durability and performance.

This relief valve model features a Class IV (metal-to-metal) or Class VI (PTFE+GR seat) sealing system, thus offering adaptability to different applications and sealing requirements. Its set pressure range varies from 0.5 to 20 bar, allowing it to be used in a variety of environments and applications.

hydraulic pressure relief valve

The S3 valve is capable of operating efficiently in temperatures ranging from -10 to 220°C in materials 0.7043 to 1.0619, and from -30 to 220°C in 1.4408. For special gaskets, it can handle temperatures up to 250ºC.

Meeting strict quality and safety standards, the S3 hydraulic pressure relief valve is in compliance with ISO 9001, Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and Atex Directive 2014/34/EU. These certifications not only ensure its quality and reliability, but also guarantee its suitability for use in regulated and demanding environments.

Direct operation of the S3 valve

The operation of the S3 valve is straightforward and efficient. Its main purpose is to maintain the preset upstream pressure, automatically adjusting the set pressure. In case the inlet pressure exceeds the set value, the valve gradually opens to allow the excess pressure to pass through, thus avoiding possible damage to the system.

It is important to note that the S3 valve is not a safety valve. Therefore, additional overpressure protection must be installed in the system. This valve is versatile and suitable for applications with steam, gases and liquids, which broadens its range of use in different industries and processes.

To ensure optimum performance, it is essential to protect the S3 valve against adverse influences such as dirt, moisture and extreme temperatures. During installation, the inside of the valve must be carefully cleaned. In addition, due to its complexity and the applicable regulations, installation should only be carried out by specialized personnel.

where the pressure reducing valve is placed

Over time, it is normal for some pressure maladjustments to occur in the S3 valve due to continuous use, such as pressures exceeding the set point, pressure drops below the set point, control oscillations, inlet pressure fluctuations and noise emission. However, these misalignments are generally minor and can be quickly corrected according to the type of problem encountered.

In summary, Valfonta’s Model S3 hydraulic pressure relief valve is an essential component in pressure management in hydraulic systems, offering reliability, versatility and compliance with safety and quality standards. Its advanced design and high-quality materials ensure exceptional performance and long service life in a wide range of industrial applications.

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