At Valfonta we are specialists in pressure relief valves for water, fluids and gases

Installations that operate under pressure are often designed to operate at a level suitable for the application to be covered. If this pressure increases, the risk of explosion of the entire system appears, with the terrible consequences that an accident of this caliber can entail.

To prevent this from happening, we use one of our specialties, the pressure relief valves for water, liquids, steam or gases, which are responsible for reducing overpressure, if necessary.

In essence, it serves to maintain the upstream set pressure by adjusting the set pressure. When the pressure at the inlet exceeds the set value, the valve gradually opens the pressure rise. This model is suitable for use in steam, gas (group 1 and 2) and liquid applications. On the other hand, it should be emphasized that a relief valve is not a safety valve, so, if necessary, an overpressure protection must be installed.

Pressure relief valve for water

Valfonta’s S3 pressure relief valve: features and applications

The relief valve, model S3 works on the principle of direct action. When the force resulting from the inlet pressure exceeds the spring setting force, the valve opens proportionally to the pressure change. The spring force is adjusted by the adjusting screw.

Pressure relief valve for water

As special characteristics it is important to mention that we are talking about a valve with a handwheel regulation system, with AISI 316L stainless steel interiors, special gaskets, a guided plug for greater stability, and Super Duplex construction. Its quality is certified by the ISO 9001 standard, the Pressure Equipment Directive according to 2014/68 / EU, and the Atex Directive according to 2014/34 / EU.

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It is important that you are clear that this pressure relief valves for water, fluids, gases and vapors usually raise some doubts if you do not know the terminology or the applications for which they have been designed. If this is your case, do not hesitate to contact our commercial department to obtain detailed information, personalized advice, and the best possible treatment.

From Valfonta we will study the needs of your installation or system, and we will propose the most suitable valve model, and we could even design a completely custom-made valve.

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