Adjustable pressure relief valve

In Valfonta we are dedicated to the manufacture of all kinds of mechanisms whose main function is to control pressure. Thanks to these mechanisms, we always guarantee greater efficiency and efficiency in any distribution system or in those facilities through which fluids of various characteristics circulate.

Thanks to our experience in this field, we are able to provide any type of adjustable pressure relief valve to anyone who needs it. In fact, we can even manufacture them to measure your installation or your system.

Why are adjustable pressure relief valves so important?

Keep in mind that the use of a pressure relieving valve is vital if you want to avoid any damage to the pipe or even possible leaks, both fluid and gas. And, in distribution networks, it is common for the pressure to be quite high. It is in these cases when it is so necessary to reduce the pressure inside the system and, in this way, avoid annoying noises, vibrations, or perforations in the pipes and the consequent leaks. For this reason, there are several types of industrial pressure valves.

How does an adjustable pressure relief valve work?

Adjustable pressure relief valves, as their name suggests, are mechanisms whose primary objective is to relieve (or perform what we call a by-pass) pressure, but in a fully controlled way. If we talk about a pressure and temperature relief valve, you will also consider the latter.

This mechanism basically consists of a plug that keeps the exhaust opening closed. It also has a spring that has been carefully calibrated and that keeps this plug in the most appropriate position to prevent the contents of the system from escaping.

When the internal pressure of the gas or fluid exceeds the regulated pressure in the spring, the plug is opened to let the contents out through the exhaust opening. This, of course, will only happen as long as the internal pressure remains too high; once it decreases sufficiently, the plug returns to its initial position and the system is completely sealed again.

As we talk about an adjustable pressure relief valve, the pressure threshold that will mark what the release point can be adjusted can be adjusted by the pressure exerted by the spring. Usually, this is achieved by a screw that goes through it and that must be tightened or loosened as desired.

Applications of an adjustable pressure relief valve

Adjustable pressure relief valve

As you can see, Valfonta’s adjustable pressure relief valves have been designed to keep the pressure of a system stable at all times. Also known as overpressure valves, these are effective mechanisms that will always prevent any fluid from exceeding a pre-established limit. Therefore, if you are searching for a trusted place to buy a pressure relief valve, you should know that in Valfonta we have a long experience manufacturing and distributing them.

As for its direct applications, these are multiple and will depend, to a large extent, on the valve model chosen, since each one has specific characteristics. Some of the most common uses are:

Installations in chemical laboratories, sanitary plants, distilleries, or even dry cleaners

All these places have systems that are susceptible to problems with pressure. Therefore, for this type of case, it is very appropriate to have an excess pressure valve, such as our PRV55 model. It is a model similar to the others, but a membrane does the regulation.

Adjustable pressure relief valve

Steam plants

For dealing with steam, a suitable option may be our S1 adjustable pressure relief valve model, as it offers a quick response.

Systems with non-hazardous gases and liquids

These systems accept both pressure relief valves and excess pressure valves. Therefore, both the S1 model and the S2 or the S3 are more than suitable for any system whose content is not dangerous, but for which it is necessary to control the pressure reliably. They are fast, efficient and ideal models to keep the valve inlet at its set point.

Adjustable pressure relief valve

Compressed air

Systems with compressed air always require an excess pressure valve, and in them, you can incorporate several of our models. Both the S1 and the PRV55 will be suitable and very useful.

Buy your adjustable pressure relief valves in Valfonta

As you have seen, adjustable pressure relief valves have been designed to stabilize the pressure of a system, so it can be considered a compensation method whose main objective will be to minimize pressure variation.

With Valfonta valves you can prevent high pressures from generating problems ranging from noise or vibration to cracks and leaks. Thus, using valves in the right way will result in an increase in the safety and profitability of any system.

If you want to buy a pressure relief valve you can contact us, you just need to call 933 72 08 88 or email us to Our staff will be happy to assist you and help you acquire the valve you need for your installation.