A pressure relief valve for water and other fluids that gives great results in mining environments

Válvula de presión para agua PRV53-17

Over time, more and more mine engineers, designers, and operators are contacting us for water pressure relief valves, control valves, or reducing valves.

The mining sector operates in difficult environments and its hydraulic systems require components that offer great strength, reliability and durability in equal measure.

A water pressure regulating valve without auxiliary power and with full guarantees

At Valfonta we have a wide catalog of excess and pressure relief valves; The model that we most often install for mining systems is the PRV53-17, a valve that works without auxiliary power, which has been designed to maintain the inlet pressure of the main line of a circuit, at the adjusted value and that is required, through a regulation screw.

When the pressure at the valve inlet exceeds the set point, the valve opens proportionally, relieving the excess pressure produced in the main line.

pressure relief valve for water

It should be noted that it is not only a pressure relief valve for water, since it can also work with fuel oil, nitrogen or neutral gases.

It is characterized by the simplicity of all its parts; it is very easy to install, does not require maintenance and can be mounted in any position.

It is also very common in other types of facilities such as chemical laboratories, sanitary plants, compressed air facilities …

It has a maximum inlet pressure of 10 bar and an adjustment pressure range that oscillates between 0.5 and 10 bar; the body is made of AISI 316L stainless steel.

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