In Valfonta we developed pressure reducing valves for steam for many years now. Thanks to our vast expertise we can guarantee the quality of our products so our clients can obtain the optimal solution for every type of fluids, whether they are steam, liquids or gas. At the same time, we encourage innovation and technology development, which for many years have shaped our growth and our work methods.

Characteristics of a pressure reducing valve for steam M2, one of our standard models

The pressure reducing valves made of stainless steel have been specifically designed to reduce or modulate the pressure of piping or a system. To adjust a pressure reducing valve of steam are required certain materials and objects which are available in our web page.

These are self-powered valves that do not need auxiliary energy to start that can also be used for regulating flow or as overpressure valves.

In our catalogue you can visualise the different sizes available as well as the materials they are made of and the required connections.

Pressure reducing valve for steam

Functioning of the pressure reducing valves for steam

The most basic reduction of pressure only requires a simple globe valve in a fixed position, partially opened. Another option is inserting a plaque with a hole in the steam flow to keep it from fully closing. 

However, any fluctuation that disrupted the flow would generate an alteration in the pressure. To avoid this situation, the pressure reducing valves (PRV) can be used to provide a precise pressure control. The quantity of valve opening is adjusted automatically to allow the pressure to stay the same in spite of the fluctuations. 

The pressure reducing valves are valves for hydraulic control which main function is reducing high pressure in the upstream in the valve to gain much lower values in the downstream continuously. All of it without taking into account the variations of pressure obtained and the change that happened or will happen. 

The functioning of the pressure reduction valve triggers when the door of the valve closes after detecting that the pressure in the upstream is being transmitted entirely to the superior cavity situated it inside of the valve. This action can be triggered manually by closing the valve’s door located over the control circuit between the pilot and the P2.

Types of pressure reducing valves and pressure regulators

The most important pressure reducing valve that we offer in Valfonta are the following:

Pressure reducing valve for steam
  • Direct-acting pressure reducing valves

    that can be installed in every position (they are compact and light). In this category there are relief valves with blower, self-powered valves and even auto compensated.

  • Pressure reducing valves with baffle and steam trap:

    these valves provide steam or dry air with a stable secondary pressure, which improves the quality of the products and the efficiency of the heating. The opening and closing of the pilot valve are controlled by the balancing of the spring forces and the secondary pressure obtained.

  • Pressure reducing valves without separator and bleeder:

    generally used. Depending on the type of model used, the set point is set locally or remotely.

Outstanding models in our catalogue

In Valfonta you can also find our pressure regulators:

Pressure reducing valve for steam

Advantages of the pressure reducing valves

  • The allow fully control over the pressure that gets in and out.

  • Eliminate the risk of overpressure in the distribution system.

  • Reduce the consumption of water.

  • Minimize the installation noises.

  • Maintain the outgoing pressure constant despite the incoming fluctuations.

  • Compact and economical.

Válvula reductora de presión vapor

If you have any other question about pressure reducing valves do not hesitate to contact us

Pressure reducing valve for steam

type of element (steam, liquid, or gas) that will be canalised is essential. For the same reason it’s convenient to know whether the activation of the valve manual or automatic in order to function in one way or another. 

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