Applications, characteristics and types of steam ejectors in our catalogue

In this post, we will explain in detail the main characteristics of two of our steam jet ejectors, specifically the 252 model and the 248 model.

The first is a type of steam jet ejector that is used to increase the temperature of any liquid, according to the requirements of each application or specific requirement of the system.

It sucks the liquid it needs to heat through the holes of the reheater’s body, where it comes into contact with the injection steam, increasing its temperature.

This generates a constant recirculation inside the tank, achieving a correct mixture and uniform temperature.

 steam jet ejector vacuum system
steam jet ejector vacuum system

This model is very common in systems for all types of applications: heating hot water to wash barrels, tanks or drums; installation in pipes where frost may be found; in breweries, sugar factories, dry cleaner’s, chemical product factories, etc.

It is worth highlighting that it is an ejector without mobile parts and this is good, since it helps to reduce noise and vibrations, apart from hardly requiring any maintenance tasks.

If we look at the second type of ejector, the 248 model, we can see that, in this case, we are looking at a steam ejector and also a water ejector, which is used to pump or mix liquid, solid or gaseous products using a liquid as a driving force – it is very common for this liquid to be water, or a gas, in this case it is usually steam or air.

It is a common type of ejector in systems where the installation of a mechanical pump is not viable. In addition, it is also normally used to transport solids.

It is installed in the systems of factories making chemical products, paper, soap, beer, alcohol, dry cleaner’s…; on ships as bilge pumps…

In both cases, they are steam ejectors for vacuum systems, available in different sizes – DN20 to DN80-, manufactured in WCB carbon steel, with a long use life and at a reasonable price.

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We also have steam and liquid injectors for different industrial applications

When we inject steam into a tank or boiler system, our aim is always to increase the temperature of the water or fluid inside that tank or system.

The function of the injector is to suck the cold liquid, heat it inside with the steam and return it to the tank at the required temperature.

The installation of the injector should always be centred to achieve a recirculation and effective distribution. When the installation of 2 or more injectors is required, they should also be centred, but it is important to highlight that a minimum distance must be left between the wall and the first injector.

Furthermore, it is important that the injector’s suction holes are clean to ensure a silent and vibration-free operation.

Our catalogue contains two types of injectors, the 260 model and the 280 model.

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