Main function of a jet steam injector

At Valfonta we have two different models of steam injectors, the 260 and the 280.

We’ll start by looking at the function and features of the 260; but first… What is the role of these components?

Steam injectors are used to increase the temperature of any liquid. In essence, the steam injection sucks the liquid through pipe openings to be heated, allowing it to mix with the steam to achieve the required temperature increase.

This causes a constant recirculation inside the tank promoting a consistent temperature throughout the whole tank.

Steam injector; the VALFONTA 260 model

Steam and liquid injectors

The 260 model is one of the most common and the model that we usually recommend.

It is installed horizontally and directly on the pipe; It can also be installed onto the tank wall using an external thread depending on the size chosen.

If more capacity is required, 2 or more injectors can be installed in parallel. We always recommend installing the injector horizontally and at the bottom of the tank.

It is important to note that no other elements should be installed in the injector discharge area. If you require the system and the injector to operate silently and vibration-free, it is highly recommended that the L-dimension is as long as possible and that the injector intake ports are clean.

Steam injectors

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the injector position should always be centred along the length of the tank to achieve the most effective recirculation and distribution possible.

If you want or need to install 2 or more injectors, it’ s not a problem, but they must also be centred and there must be a minimum distance between the wall and the first injector and between injectors.

Steam and liquid injectors design

Steam injector; the VALFONTA 280 model

280 Steam injector

This industrial jet reheater has a very similar function to the previous one, but has different technical characteristics.

It has also been designed to heat liquids, but this model’s system is slightly different, since steam is injected through the upper flange and circulates through small slanted holes in the nozzle, producing steam jets that push the liquid towards a low pressure zone, creating the turbulence required for the liquid and the steam to mix, thus evenly increasing their temperature and pressure.

As with the previous model, this one also has no moving parts, which makes it low maintenance, as well as vibration and noise free.

We usually install them in a wide variety of systems, serving many applications within the industry, such as heating water for washing barrels, tanks or drums; they are also very common in piping installations where frost can be found; in breweries, sugar factories, dyeing plants, within the chemical, cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry, etc.

We also have steam ejectors and all kinds of valves

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have different specialisation and business areas, including pressure reducing valves, pressure relief valves,  control valves and industrial steam ejectors.

We even usually make all these components to measure for each installation. We’re known for our complete involvement with each customer, offering a personal, attentive and personalised service, while at the same time providing them with our exceptional valve and industrial engineering technical team’s expertise.

Fill in the form below and we will call you back shortly, assess your system requirements and find the most suitable components. Make no mistake about that!

Fill in the form below and we will call you back shortly, assess your system requirements and find the most suitable components. Make no mistake about that!

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