If you want to know everything about pressure reducing valves: applications, mode of operation and much more, in this article you will find all the information you are looking for.

Valfonta has 50 years of experience in the field of pressure reducing valves. It has a wide range of all kinds of domestic and industrial solutions thanks to the extensive experience and knowledge acquired. Its leadership in the market allows it to design customized pressure reducing valves to face any eventuality.

Pressure reducing valves: applications where they are indispensable

There are multiple and varied applications of pressure reducing valves. From water, through other liquids to elements such as compressed air, hydrocarbons, or oils. Here are some concrete examples:

pressure reducing valves applications
  • Protection of electric heaters, both hot water storage and appliances.
  • Various industrial applications
  • Regulation of water and gas pressure in buildings and domestic installations
  • Flow limiters
  • Water level controllers
  • Installations of low-pressure irrigation systems
  • Filtering stations
  • Line fill control

Applications of the different types of pressure reducing valves of Valfonta

The pressure reducing valve, which regulates the outlet pressure even with oscillations in the inlet pressure, has among other applications the following: chemical laboratory installations, sanitary, industrial, compressed air, fuel oil, steam installations, heat exchangers, distilleries, vulcanizing cylinders and presses, dry cleaners, laundries, steam irons, ovens, autoclaves, etc.

Functionalities of other valve types

Pressure relief valves

The also known as overpressure valves have the function, as the name suggests, of relieving pressure in cases where a fluid or liquid exceeds a pre-established limit. Due to its intrinsic characteristics, it is therefore possible to rate both for pressure and vacuum. The main purpose is to prevent the failure of a pipe or equipment due to excessive pressure, with a consequent explosion. In industry, pressure relief valves have a great application in all types of sectors such as food, beverages, chemical or industrial.

In Valfonta we have a wide range of excess and pressure relief valves:

pressure reducing valves applications
  • Instantaneous Opening Safety Valve: Our Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) models are those in which the valve opens instantaneously and completely upon reaching the pressure to which it has been built, immediately expelling all excess pressure detected in the system. This type of valves are designed and optimized to work with gases or vapours and can contain a lever for manual operation, so that, if deemed necessary, they can also be used under normal pressure conditions.

  • Progressive or normal opening valves: (defined PRV, for the acronym in English “Pressure Relief Valve”) open gradually depending on the increase in pressure that occurs in the system. These are optimized to work with liquids.

Control and safety valves

pressure reducing valves applications

Control valves handle a circulating fluid, such as gas, steam, water or chemical compounds, to compensate for load disturbances and keep the regulated process variable as close as possible to the desired set point. In contrast, pressure relief safety is designed to open and relieve an increase in the internal pressure of the fluid, due to exposure to abnormal operating conditions or emergencies. They are acted by the energy of static pressure.

The control valves work in the handling of fluids such as steam, gases, water, or other chemical products with the function of maintaining controlled variables in the process that remain at the required levels. On the other hand, security can be found in industrial, commercial and domestic facilities. This type of valves are generally mandatory in all facilities in which they are maintained or in which fluids circulate and in which there are changes in temperature and / or pressure.

Valfonta accumulates 50 years of history manufacturing reducing valves

In Valfonta, we celebrate 50 years manufacturing custom pressure reducing valves with a team of engineering professionals capable of responding to any problem that arises in the systems that use them. Our extensive experience and continuous vocation to investigate the most efficient systems allow us to provide design solutions adapted to any industrial installation with total and absolute efficiency.

The wide variety of valves that we put at your disposal and those that we design to measure gives a good account of the consolidation of our business model, designed to solve the needs that arise both in the installation and in the maintenance of the systems that incorporate the pressure reducing valves.

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