Modern industrial installations and environments require control mechanisms to regulate the flow of gases, fluids, or liquids that form part of a production process and circulate through their systems.

The current market offers different types of industrial valves, and we are specialists in the development and manufacture of pressure reducing and pressure relief valves.

Our greatest guarantee is the tradition of our company which, for more than 50 years, has been a reference in the industrial valve sector in the Spanish market.

How are industrial valves designed?

The mechanical function of these products implies that, for all types of industrial valves, there must be parts that are intrinsic to their design. Thus, as a principle, the common parts of industrial valves are three: the plug, the stem, and the seat.

Their functions complement each other and allow for optimum operation of the industrial valve:

  • The plug performs the physical shut-off of the fluids.

  • The stem drives and fixes the plug to obstruct the passage of fluids and gases.

  • The seat closes the valve by contacting the plug.

According to these characteristics, at Valfonta we offer highly efficient products, under strict quality standards and all this from our facilities in Badalona.

clases de válvulas industriales
clases de válvulas industriales

The pressure reducing valve is our great speciality

At Valfonta, we identified the need to manufacture more and better pressure reducing valves as a requirement to provide quality products for Spanish industry.

Although the principle of any industrial valve is to manage the passage of fluids and gases, the pressure reducing valve allows the pressure to be reduced to lower levels downstream. This provides many advantages and ensures that preset limits are not exceeded, maintaining the integrity of your production chain.

For example, one of our most popular models is the Valfonta M2; a pressure reducing valve that controls downstream pressure, closing when downstream pressure increases.

This product comes in different sizes, from DN15 to DN100, and is very effective for controlling liquids, neutral gases and steam in industrial applications. In our catalogue, you will see that we have many types of industrial pressure reducing valves available.

We continue with the pressure relief valve, what is its function?

As the name suggests, this type of industrial valve allows pressure to be relieved when a liquid or gas is about to exceed the preset limits in the system, which can have serious consequences.

It is, above all, an industrial safety valve whose purpose is to safeguard installations from leaks in the system and explosions due to the accumulation of fluids.

At Valfonta, we offer you up to six models of pressure relief valves that adapt to the different needs of our customers and, in addition to this, they have a preponderant characteristic: they are industrial valves for both relief and control of excess fluids, depending on the particularities and requirements that you have. In our catalogue, you can see in more detail what we offer in terms of these products.

clases de válvulas industriales alivio presión
clases de válvulas industriales válvulas control

What to expect from control valves? 

At Valfonta, considering the importance of maintaining strict control in the passage of fluids, we offer the C1 model control valve, which not only ensures the passage of the required number of gases or liquids, but also has a mechanism typical of a linear isolation valve.

This feature corresponds to the vertical closing of the shaft, which ensures slow closures and openings to effectively control the desired fluid volume in industrial installations.

In addition, the control valve model C1 is resistant to high temperatures and pressures and provides two fail-safe positions in case of failure. For this reason, the safety of our customers is our top priority.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice on the types of industrial valves and how to choose yours 

If you would like to receive personalized technical advice, just contact our sales department.

We know that when the time comes to choose the type of industrial valve that best suits the needs and characteristics of your system, doubts, and questions always arise. You can call us on (+34) 93 372 08 88, send an e-mail to, or take a few seconds to fill in the following form.