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More and more customers are opting for Valfonta`s industrial steam injectors and valves. We are a company that manufactures and sells pressure reducing valves, and we gave been in the fluid systems industry, whether liquids, vapours or gases, for more tan five decades. 

Our main attribute is innovation in design so that our costumers can grow professionally and professionally with us. It is essential for us that you are familiar with our extensive catalogue so that you have a fresh understanding of what our company has to offer. However, valves are not the only thing we offer at Valfonta, we also provide a special manufacturing service for each of our costumers.

Valfonta: we manufacture industrial steam injectors

industrial steam injectors

The industrial steam injectors that we handle in Valfonta, fulfil a main function, which focuses on increasing the temperature of water or other liquids. Its mode of use and what this product actually does is to suck in the low-temperature liquid, mix it with the steam once it is inside and distributes it with a much higher temperature, with heat through the tank. In this way, we manage to keep the temperature always high and avoid cold liquids at all times. 

It is important to note that the existence of different injectors Works to meet your needs and existing flow rates. At Valfonta, you Will find steam and liquid injectors for a wide range of systems and installations.

Characteristics of industrial steam injectors

In addition to knowing its main function, you must know that is has no moving parts, making it much easier to achieve noise and vibration reduction.

Types of injectors manufactures in Valfonta

  • Steam and liquid injector: model 260, designed mainly to increase the temperature of any liquid, an effect it achieves when it is sucked in and mixed with steam. Valfonta`s industrial steam injector model 260 is one of our star products.

  • Jet superheater: model 280, this is also manufacturing to increase the temperature of liquids, but with the speciality that it is with liquids that circulate through a pipe. Its operation can be explained in a much simpler way. First, steam is injected through the upper flange and immediately starts to circulate through small holes, thus creating steam jets that mix and raise the temperature. What has made the superheater stand out the most is its wide range of applications: tanks, barrels, drums, and even in the piping system.

industrial steam injectors

What else can you find in Valfonta?

In our extensive valve catalogue you Will find pressure reducing valves, excess/relief valves, control valves and safety valves. In addition, we also offer customized design, ejectors, and superheaters.

What is the main function of pressure reducing valves?

  • This valve has one main function to fulfil, and that is to reduce the outlet pressure of the system. In our catalogue you can find the types of valves such as the pressure reducing valve model M2, which is the most sold valve to control gases at low and high temperatures.

  • Piston pressure reducers, model PRV 20, are mainly used to provide a constant pressure with inlet oscillations.

  • Self-operated pressure reducing valves, model M1, are the most suitable for working with steam, although on many occasions during our experience as a company, we have also known that they can be used for compressed air, liquid and gases, the latter being important to know that they are non-hazardous.

  • In the self-acting pressure reducing valves, we have a wide range of designs, which are specially designed to work with gases at low outlet pressure.

  • Direct acting pressure reducing valves are often uses in laboratories, industrial, steam and sanitary installations.

What is the function of pressure relief valves?

These are designed to perform their primary function of relieving and curing pressure at the precise moment when the fluid exceeds the limit originally set for it.

  • Pressure relief valves: suitable for use in steam, liquid, and gas applications as long as they are in group 1 and group 2.

  • Excess pressure valve: designed for use in laboratories, sanitary plants, sprinkler systems, steam plants, among others.

What is the purpose of control valves?

They are mainly used to control the flow of a fluid and thus modify the pressure drop. At Valfonta, you can find the C1 model which is a special valve to work primarily with gases, steam and liquid fluids. This version can be found in our catalogue, it is composed of a seat, two ways, a globe body, top entry, a multi-spring actuator and a direct acting system.

Safety valves of the highest quality

This product prevents excessive pressure build-up and thus prevents problems in the operation of the heating system. For this purpose, ALPER atmospheric and JAS boiler safety relief valves are available.

Find the best industrial steam injectors in Valfonta

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