Control valve characteristics: definition and applications

To answer the question of how to select a control valve, it is convenient to explain what it is and what its function is. A control valve is used to regulate the flow of a fluid, behaving like a variable area orifice, which modifies the pressure drop, as marked by the signal from a controller. Thanks to it, the flow rate and other factors such as temperature, level or pressure of said fluid can be regulated.

As general characteristics, it should be noted that it must withstand the temperature and pressure of the fluid without losses; have a suitable size for the flow to be controlled; or also resist erosion or corrosion produced by the fluid it controls.

How to select a control valve

That said, to choose a control valve correctly it is necessary to take into account several factors that we will detail below: 

  • Fluid you are going to work with

  • Inlet pressure and outlet pressure

  • The initial temperature

  • Pipe dimension

  • Type of actuator required: it can be pneumatic (diaphragm or spring) or electric.

  • Flow

The Valfonta C1 control valve – main features

This is our most characteristic model and the one we usually install for a long list of industrial applications.

C1 control valves have been designed for the control of gases, vapors and liquids in accordance with the European Directive on Pressure Equipment. They are certified under the ISO 9001 quality system.

 How to select a control valve

The modular concept of this valve and its wide range with different interiors, offers many possibilities and combinations. The shape of the body guarantees optimal fluid regulation.

For proper use, it must be ensured that the control valve is used in areas with temperature and pressure values ​​that do not exceed the operating values ​​of the product specifications supplied with the order.

At Valfonta we also manufacture customized control valves for each installation

If you need a control valve made to measure for your installation, do not hesitate to contact us, using the form you will find on this website, by calling +34 933 720 888 or by sending an email to

On the other hand, we end up remembering that we are specialists in pressure reducing and relief valves, as well as other components such as injectors and steam ejectors.

Remember that we have been working in this sector for many years and we have a long and extensive experience, which is the best guarantee for each of our clients.