At Valfonta we design custom-made pressure reducing valves and they are very easy to install

To explain how a pressure reducing valve is regulated, we will take the PRV44 as an example; a direct action model self-actuated by bellows, which regulates the outlet pressure even with fluctuations in the inlet pressure

How exactly does this valve work? The inlet pressure arrives and its function is to close due to the difference in sections. When the spring is compressed through the adjustment screw, the bellows-shaft-seal assembly opens the valve and allows adjustment.

cómo se regula una válvula reductora de presión

If a shut-off valve at the outlet closes and there is no consumption, the PRV44 reducer will detect the changes and maintain the outlet pressure according to the set value. On the other hand, it is a model that closes when the outlet pressure exceeds the regulation value.

It is recommended to install the isolating valve at least 0.5 to 1 meter after the gearbox to achieve better regulation. We conclude by highlighting that to increase the outlet pressure, the regulation screw must turn counterclockwise.



Specific applications for this pressure reducing valve

We always design our valves with the thought that they should serve the needs of a long list of applications. This particular model has been used in chemical laboratory facilities, sanitary or industrial facilities, compressed air, fuel oil, steam facilities, heat exchangers, distilleries, cylinders and vulcanizing presses, dry cleaners, laundries, steam irons, ovens, autoclaves …

On the other hand, it has a series of essential characteristics that we would like you to have very clear:

  • Ease of regulation

  • Possibility of being installed in any position

  • Microplasma welded stainless steel bellows

  • It has a filter to protect the closure

  • Interior design conceived to provide effective circulation of the fluid to be treated

  • Maintenance is very low and can be accessed without removing it from the consumer line.

  • Withstands a maximum admissible pressure of 25 bars

How to regulate a pressure reducing valve: ask for information without obligation

We have been dedicated to the design and manufacture of all types of pressure reducing valves for many years, but we are clear that it is a sector that, if you do not know in depth, choosing your valve can be somewhat complicated. If you have doubts or questions to ask us, you should not worry about anything, you just have to contact our commercial department by calling +34 933 720 888, sending an email to, or filling in the form that you will find then

We will carefully study your requests, as well as the needs of your installation, until we find the most suitable valve. We also have a wide catalog of pressure relief valves, control valves, injectors and ejectors. What exactly do you need?