What is a control valve for and what function does it serve within the system?

Types of control valves

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There are different types of flow control valves. In general they are used to regulate the flow of a fluid, behaving like a variable area orifice, which modifies the pressure loss, as marked by a controller signal. Thanks to them, the flow rate and other factors such as pressure, temperature or level can be regulated.

They must resist the temperature and the pressure of the fluid without losses; have an adequate size for the flow to be controlled; withstand erosion or corrosion produced by the fluid.

Types of Hydraulic Control Valves Commonly Found in  Systems

Types of control valves

Source: Suhissa

From Valfonta we have classified the control valves into 6 large groups:

  • Pressure reducers: they are used to control a pressure downstream of the valve by means of a pressure transducer.

  • Pressure sustainers: They are used to control a pressure upstream of the valve by means of a pressure transducer.

  • Flow or flowrate limiters: The purpose of this type is to regulate the flow of the pipe monitored by a transducer.

  • Level controllers in tanks: By means of a single level sensor, the capacity of a tank can be controlled.

  • Level controllers in elevated tanks: The control valve can also be used to control the level of an elevated tank.

What control valves do we usually design and manufacture at Valfonta?

At Valfonta we are specialists in pressure reducing and relief valves. We have been designing and manufacturing these components for many years for all types of fluid systems. We started working in 1962 and, over time, we have been expanding and improving our valves until we became a benchmark in the sector. At present, we have a wide catalog of reducing, relief or excess pressure valves, and we have also put a great part of our effort in the development of control valves with pneumatic actuator. On the other hand, we also usually design customized valves for each customer. We work for different sectors and export our products throughout the national territory.

We know that all these valves can cause some confusion if the sector is not fully understood. If you have any questions or concerns about which types of control valves will work best for your installation, don’t waste any more time and contact us. You can do this by calling +34 933 720 888, sending an email to valfonta@valfonta.com, or by clicking on the link below.